Nourishing Hope Workshops


Are you ready to embark on a journey of hope and healing for your child struggling with an eating disorder? At Living in Grace Foundation, we understand that being a caregiver can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our transformative Maudsley Model workshops designed specifically for caregivers like you.  Navigating through the challenges of supporting a loved one dealing with an eating disorder is not easy. We want you to know that you are not alone. With these five engaging sessions, our caregiver workshops provide practical tools, communication skills, and unwavering support throughout your entire journey.

Session 1: Building Your Toolkit
In this workshop session full of promise, we equip caregivers like yourself with essential tools necessary for understanding different aspects of eating disorders. From debunking myths about food and weight to exploring self-care practices tailored just for parents or guardians – together we’ll build resilience from within.

Session 2: Nurturing Effective Communication
Communication lies at the heart of any strong bond between individuals involved in recovery. During this empowering workshop session, learn effective ways to navigate conversations around mealtime struggles without compromising trust or love. Discover how words filled with compassion can foster connection while encouraging positive change in your child’s life.

Session 3: Collaborative Problem Solving
As caregivers facing adversity alongside their children every day, it’s crucially important to develop problem-solving techniques harmoniously. In this interactive session, uncover strategies rooted firmly within The Maudsley method model —a family-based approach— enabling both parties work collaboratively towards shared goals. Through role-playing exercises and insights gained by working closely beside other dedicated participants, you will be equipped with new approaches to overcome obstacles in building long-lasting solutions.

Session 4: Self-Care – Fuelling Your Own Strength
Caregiving often takes its toll on personal well-being, and it is vital you take care of yourself along the way.  In this rejuvenating workshop session, discover the power of self-care tailored specifically to caregivers like yourself. Learn how indulging in your own passions and nurturing personal growth can ultimately strengthen your ability to support loved ones through their recovery journey.

Session 5: Empowered Support Network
As we conclude our Maudsley Model workshops, a powerful sense of community emerges alongside newfound friendships forged within these sessions. The final workshop will focus on building connections beyond its conclusion — helping you cultivate an ongoing network that truly understands your experiences and provides endless encouragement throughout. Within this supportive space, you’ll find solace, knowing other caring individuals are standing right beside you as lifelines of strength– guiding each other’s paths towards healing.

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So, join us today! Let Living in Grace Foundation be there for you every step of the way with our ground-breaking caregiver workshops inspired by The Maudsley Model. Together, we can conquer adversity while creating an atmosphere filled with love, resilience, and unwavering hope — because no parent or guardian should face this challenge alone.

Take charge now – Embrace new skills, take comfort amidst a community filled with others who share your journey—because we’re all in this together!

In grace and strength,

Living in Grace Foundation