As many of you know, there are so many extra things we need to think about as caregivers of a person with ED that the average person wouldn’t even consider. Today was the day we had booked to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the local Children’s Hospital and I expected some challenges but our daughter was handling the anxiety well and we were semi-prepared for changes in how we were going to be able to nourish our daughter after surgery given most of her mouth would be swollen. But, we were hopeful and looked forward to a reduction of pain.  We arrived early due to covid protocols and they did the pre-surgery vitals and weight. My daughter kindly asked for a blind weight to be done on her way to the scale. Once there, the nurse asked her why she wanted it done and she had to state once again that she had anorexia and she chooses not to know to further her recovery. Okay, bump 1 and handled well. She had to stop eating at midnight like most surgeries and surgery was planned for about 1:45pm. Around 2:20pm I asked the nurses if I could grab a coffee before she went down. They went to find out why surgery was delayed and came back 5 minutes later to say that the surgery was postponed because the surgeon was running behind. As a former RN, I understand things happen but as a mother I was calculating in my head how long it had been since she had eaten and how could I get nutrition into her quickly. Now her anxiety was ramping up because she didn’t know when she would get surgery next. Time is ticking and I’m thinking, she’s missed 4 meals/snacks and I don’t want any opportunity for ED to rear its ugly head. Before ED came into our life, I would have brushed it off as no big deal but there are so many things that equate to a big deal now.  On our way home, my daughter said how anxious she was but that she was happy she got to eat good food. Yeah, I’ll take that win. Speaking of wins, on the way to the hospital she said that she finally feels like she is accept her body and like it for what it is! Woohoo! Celebrate the victories because we never know when the next one will come, or when the next speed bump will. I’m thankful to have an amazing, resilient daughter. I’m proud! Today proved to me that even the simplest of things can sometimes be complicated in the reference of an eating disorder.