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Mission Statement

We are committed to improving the lives and health of  pediatric patients and those who are impacted by an eating disorder through education, support services, highest quality care, advocacy, and a residential care centre.  We believe that full recovery is possible and that everyone is deserving of excellent care.

Our Vision

To lead the field as the most effective and compassionate provider of eating disorder care, pioneering advocacy, and inspiring education.

Our Values

Integrity – We ensure the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

Diversity – We celebrate the unique differences of all individuals and recognize their unwavering right to respect, dignity, fairness and equality.

Client Centered – We are committed to meeting families where they are in their journey.

Grace – we believe that giving, and living, in the space of grace is an amazing place to start the healing process.

Passion- We provide a purpose-driven atmosphere that utilizes strong personal connections between providers and clients to achieve our combined goals.



It just works.

Thank you for sending me the free eating disorder resource. It really helped me understand some of the eating disorder information when I knew what everything stood for. 

Eating Disorder Course

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in this journey.  Sometimes just knowing that others understand makes it a little bit easier to keep putting one foot in front of the other.